Van Mell Care Products - Leather Foam

Van Mell Care Products - Leather Foam

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Van Mell Care Products - Leather Foam


Let's chat about smoothness and suppleness No, we don't mean the scorpion pose handstand we've masterfully accompl.... ehm, avoided in the yoga class,. We are talking about supple smooth leather with an attractive leather-honey whiff, which goes right into those curves - with you and your bike. Van Mell Leather Foam protects, cares for and impregnates all smooth leathers. With an absolutely spot-on accurate spray for elastic seams. And no drying time required. And so supple that actually, it should also have a yoga position named after it.

How to apply:
Spray Van Mell Leather Foam sparingly, with vertical hand movement, on seams, distribute using a soft cloth and polish to remove any residue. Only use in places where there is a good supply of fresh air

For an even more smooth and supple effect, apply Van Mell Combi Cleaner prior to using Van Mell Leather Foam.

Volume: 150 ml

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