Q: I have ordered something which does not fit or I don't like. Can I send back or change the articles?

A: Sure, you can send us back the articles. Details you can find in our return policy. Unfortunately at the moment we cannot organize a free return shipment so you have to pay yourself the return shipment.

Q: How does the refund of money working for returned articles?

A: After arival at our logistics center and the quality inspection the book holding department will be informed immediately. This department is afterwards refunding you the money.

Q: How do I know that articles are on stock or not?

A: More then 95% of our offered articles are normally on stock. Even if you select an articles which is not on stock: our suppliers have short delivery times for replenishments so that they are able to get the articles back on stock in very short time. In such cases we keep you informed for sure.

Q: I have a cart values of now 20€. Can I also get a free shipment for Austrian addresses?

A: Behind our 30€ line we have a detailed calculation and this value is the result of a very long time of researches and many many calculations. For sure we would like to do all of our customer shipments for free of charge but currently this is not possible. Hopefully the future will change that but currently we just say: Sorry.

Q: I am waiting for my shipment since many days. What is going on?

A: The delivery of your order takes normally 6-8 working days. In special cases also longer, but in such cases you would in informed in advance by our team. If nevertheless the shiping period is exceeded you can check your shipment via your tracking number, the customer portal, the contact form or via e-mail directly at our team.

Q: I see that you sell prodcuts of the brand I like but I miss a specific article which I would like to have, what can I do?

A: Please, just contact us with some details like Brand, Model, Color, Size, etc.) and we will immediately get in touch with our suppliers. Should this specific article be available there, you will be informed and can order this product as well on our shop.