Van Mell Care Products - Hand Protection Foam

Van Mell Care Products - Hand Protection Foam

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Van Mell Care Products - Hand Protection Foam


Why do you think our hands are always so warm and well-cared for? Because we're always testing this Van Mell Hand Protection Foam to see if the contents of one bottle really is enough for 1000 treatments, as is claimed here. In my case I actually managed 1021 treatments - but then my hands are kind of medium-size. At any rate: it provides super protection when tampering with your bike - fantastic in the case of contact with oil, grease, lubricants because it has a repellent effect. Dermatologists and allergy sufferers find it good, too. And you always have a good grip. Because it's not greasy. Which is what makes it especially nice.

Isn't that great?
We're stirred up too. But, by the way, always give the product a good shake prior to use. And shake it really well.

To create a proper frothy foam:
Clean, dry hands? Then simply spray a walnut-sized knob of Van Mell Hand Protection Foam onto your hands and rub it in.

Volume: 150 ml

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