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The brand BANDIT has been established 1996 in Germany. Many production steps include handcraft and therefore only a small number of helmets hit the market. The inner lining for these helmets is produced solely for Bandit. It consists of 95% cotton and due to a particular production method the fabric is especially soft and skin friendly. Also the glass fiber of the outer shell consists of a special braiding technology that results in excellent test results for these helmets. Due to the very narrow fit of the outer shell and the specific selection of processed fabrics some of the models reach a minimal helmet weight of 590 grams.

With a Bandit helmet you will get an exceptional helmet for a convenient price and most importantly you will distinguish yourself from the mass of egg-shaped helmet bikers.

Bandit Helmet Jet - Star... Bandit Helmet Jet - Star... 2
Jet Helmets

Bandit Helmet Jet - Star Red with White Star

Bandit Jet model - a classic and simple Open Face Helmet - Red Star Open Face Helmet with black inner lining and big white star
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