Van Mell Care Products - Paintwork Finish

Van Mell Care Products - Paintwork Finish

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Van Mell Care Products - Paintwork Finish


Why does lotus blossom always look so beautifully clean? No idea - we'll have to Google that later. But what we do know is how your bike can always look beautifully clean: it feels and sounds so good that you fall in love, buy Van Mell Paintwork Finish which seals all surfaces so beautifully gently and smoothly that dirt, dust, scratches and holograms no longer have a chance. Irrespective of whether it's paintwork, a synthetic material, polycarbonate or rubber. When raindrops fall on it, they look like lovely pearls. That is what we call - can you give it a guess? The lotus effect.

Are you impressed?
We're stirred up too. But, by the way, always give the product a good shake prior to use.

A good polish - no  messing around:
Your bike is clean? Good. Then finish the job off properly: Apply Van Mell Paintwork Finish, distribute it evenly and polish with a dry cloth - until you achieve a superb shine. Van Mell Fleece Cloths (Vlies-Tücher) are great for that. Really.

Clean well beforehand, to get a fantastic result afterwards. For absolutely optimum results, use Van Mell Bike Shampoo.

Do not apply to seats, hand grips and footbars! You're not out for a good slide!

Volume: 500 ml

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