Van Mell Care Products - Bikeshampoo

Van Mell Care Products - Bikeshampoo

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Van Mell Care Products - Bikeshampoo


Van Mell Bike Shampoo will take you back to your early childhood. When you were little, and started crying when shampoo got into your eyes. So let's get started. Just take a look It's shining again like new. And the elegant matt parts of the bodywork are still elegantly matt. And now take a look at yourself. Wow, you're eyes are moist and reflect that kind of excitement you haven't felt since you were a child. We told you so! But this time, they're tears of joy, not (or not directly!) from the shampoo. Because this awesome shampoo has surpassed all expectations - your bike now looks out of this world.

Isn't that great?
We're stirred up too. But, by the way, always give the product a good shake prior to use.

Lots of dirt? Use a generous amount of Van Mell Bike Shampoo on the bike, leave it for a while to take effect, then wipe off the dirt with a damp cloth and rinse well with plenty of water.

Just a little dirt? The procedure is the same, but all you need is 100 ml Van Mell Bike Shampoo per 10 litres of water. That will be plenty. 

Irritating insects spoiling the shine? Totally stubborn insects should be pretreated with Van Mell Insect Remover.

Volume: 500 ml

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