Van Mell Care Products - Visor Protect

Van Mell Care Products - Visor Protect

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Van Mell Care Products - Visor Protect 


Unless you look after your visor properly, your vision will be marred by all the mess it attracts. And all that mess means a big impediment to that feeling of freedom. But that's not what you want out there on the highway... So make sure you use Van Mell Visor Protect. It seals the helmet, goggles as well as the windscreen - and also repels rain, dirt, dust and insects. For all synthetic materials and polycarbonates. Protects against scratches and repairs micro-cracks - so you won't be blinded by diffused light. That's just what you want.

Isn't that great?
We're stirred up too. But, by the way, always give the product a good shake prior to use.

A good job is worth doing properly. You should do it like this:
Don't use a microfibre cloth. Certainly not! Take Van Mell Visor Protect, spray it over the required area and polish with a soft, dry cloth to acquire a fantastic finish.

For optimum results clean the surface beforehand using Van Mell Visor Cleaner.

Volume: 50 ml

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