Battery Tender Charger - Junior 800 - Waterproof

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Battery Tender Charger - Junior 800 - Waterproof


Battery Tender Charger - Junior 800 - Waterproof

Recommended for smaller batteries up to 10Ah. For bigger batteries the 1,25A, 4A or 5A chargers recommended.

Adapts to battery needs and offers fully automatic 4-stage charging program, initialization / bulk charge / absorption mode / float mode, as required. A red LED indicates a 'dead' battery or something else when the battery is unable to take the charge. A green LED blinks during the charging process, until the battery is at least 80% charged. A constant lighting green LED indicates the battery is ready for use.


  • EU or UK wall plug
  • 12V 0.8A
  • 110-240V
  • For up to 10Ah batteries
  • Waterproof, suitable for outdoor use
  • Resin filled 'crush proof' case. Forgetting it on the floor then driving over it with your SUV. It can handle it! Charges flooded, sealed, maintenance free, AGM and lead acid batteries
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • 110-240V compatible
  • CE approved
  • Dimensions approx. 7cm long, 10.7cm wide, 3.6cm high

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