AUTOSOL® Care Products - M1 Cleaning Polish Chrome-Plated Plastics

1-3 workdays
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5-8 workdays

AUTOSOL® M1 CLEANING POLICY FOR CHROMED PLASTICS Suitable for all bright and matt chromium-plated plastics. 


AUTOSOL® M1 CLEANING POLICY FOR CHROMED PLASTICS Suitable for all bright and matt chromium-plated plastics. Special alpha aluminium oxides guarantee minimum abrasion with maximum polishing effect. The M1 Cleaning Polish cleans and maintains in one step. Developed in cooperation with the market leading company for galvanized plastics - BIA Kunststoff- und Galvanotechnik GmbH.


AQUA, Kaolin, Kohlenwasserstoffe, C10-C13, n-Alkane, Isoalkane, cyclische, <2% Aromaten Kohlenwasserstoffe, C11-C14, n-Alkane, Isoalkane, cyclische, <2% Aromaten, ALUMINA, oleic acid, compound with 2-(diethylamino)ethanol, Kohlenwasserstoffe, C10, Aromaten, <1% Naphthalin, Fettsäuren, C16-18- und C18-ungesättigt, DIMETHICONE, PROPYLENE GLYCOL.

Volume: 75ml

Information on the ingredients according to the Detergents Directive - Annex VII D, EC -648/2004 can be found on the EU portal "European list of ingredients of cosmetic products“.